3rd Session

I woke up at 4 in the morning with a great urge to use the Aneros, so I inserted some lube and the Helix, and lay down on the couch. The couch gave me a better opportunity for propping my legs up when laying on either side, and I tried a number of positions. I concentrated on my deep breathing and not contracting or touching my penis during the session. It felt really good, but not enough to keep me awake, so I fell asleep. I woke up a couple of hours later and shifted positions, and started to feel as if a much needed itch was being scratched inside of me. I tried doing the deep breathing exercises again, and I had the great urge to squeeze my penis, as mentioned in my first blog post. I started doing that and my Aneros started massaging me with each squeeze. I did that for awhile and then lay there trying to relax, but my body had other ideas in mind. I found myself involuntarily doing a humping action (I was laying on my back) and it started feeling extra good, and I couldn't resist starting to jerk off a bit. It felt really good, but the pleasure was not centered in my penis, but was instead centered on the area where the Aneros was rubbing. I got rock hard as I jerked off, but the pleasure stayed in the prostate/anus area, which is something I have never felt before when masturbating. I started bucking my hips as I continued to jerk, and the pleasure in my sphincter was increasing – again like someone was gently licking me there. As I was bucking I started feeling my legs and ass twitching out of control and then I felt the urge to cum, so I bucked even harder and when I shot my load the Aneros once again danced around a bit inside of me.

By comparing the feelings of my own with the ones mentioned on this chart:
I feel as if I climbed the ladder a few rungs on the ladder.