As time is passes,I feel my sessions are truly bring me to another dimension. I feel like each time I use my Helix I become different. What i mean is I feel like parts of body are beginning to change. My prostate for example is becoming a juicy vagina,and my anus is becoming an overstimulated clitoris. Is that what everyone means about crossing over ??? I feel like it`s changing me. Maybe I`m just over exited about my new toy but still during my sessions that`s how I`m beginning to address those parts of my body. When I feel my anus twitching I`m starting to refer to it in my mind as my clitoris and that thought makes me insanely horny. When I get those deep penetrating feelings across my prostrate I`m starting to think that it must be exactly how a woman`s vagina feels when she`s having great sex. I think I need to stop for awhile because I like it too much !!!


  1. hey obione-

    about your body "beginning to change" i have had that same experience.

    when things get really heavy, i experience my body in an intensely intimate way that i haven't in the past, accepting my genitals in a new very erotic, and feminine way. i too experience the trans-gendering you are talking about. i have to just give in to it.


  2. Darwin-

    I`m so glad that I am not alone!! To be perfectly honest,after awhile it scared me. I`ve stopped the frequency of my sessions,down to less than once a week and I`ve shortened them to about 1/2 hour. Does the trans-gender thing freak you out ? If you don`t mind sharing,have you noticed any other changes ?? I truly appreciate the input.

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