4th session

I decided to try and focus on not touching my penis with the Aneros inserted. I relaxed and tried to concentrate on my breathing and feelings I was having. I got a couple of slight waves and my sphincter started twitching a bit, but eventually I fell asleep for around 40 minutes. After I woke up I started getting slight involuntary contractions, and I couldn't hold off any longer and began squeezing my penis rhythmically, which in turn caused my anus and prostate to flex and throb each time I squeezed it. I then tried relaxing some more, and found that when I was sexually excited that the Aneros did a better job of stimulating me. Eventually I ejaculated by masturbating more and just lay there for awhile more trying to concentrate on feelings I was having, and got a few more slight waves and contractions. I needed to get some more sleep, so I removed the device.

Overall I think it was a good session, and that I am getting closer to where I want to be with each session.