The Dominator

Well,it arrived today……my new Progasm. Unbelievable,they should call this model the DOMINATOR. That`s how this one feels,it takes over the session and tells you what it wants to do to you, and than does it. Lucky for me I`ll be too busy to enjoy it for a few days or you guys might be reading about me in the papers! "Man explodes from too many orgasms!!" It`s unbelievable,I `ll use the helix to get me started and let the Progasm finish me off. I always knew deep down inside me that there was more to a man`s sexuality. Once in awhile I would get these feelings like somewhere inside my body there was an ability to get to another level. I now know what my mind was trying to tell me. I had been lurking on this board for about a year. I figured if no negative press leaked out about these products,than what the people here have been writing about must be true. I took the plunge about two months ago and now know that its all true. Good luck to all who are still trying to crossover,be patient and just relax,the journey is great and the payoff is simply spectacular !!!

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  1. WOW! that sounds awesome….my Progasm should be arriving soon and i hope it's as satisfying as you've reported yours to be!

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