8th session – First Super-O!

Today I started out by relaxing and massing my perineum after I inserted my Helix. I then tried several positions, such as on my stomach, on my knees, on my back with legs down, on my back with one leg up, on my back with both legs up, on my stomach with my ass in the air, etc.. Then I decided to go for a super-t, since I am familiar with "edging." When I felt I was ready to cum I stopped and contracted my anus, pulling the aneros deeper inside of me, and then letting go. When I was ready again, and felt like I was not going to cum, I started again until I felt that feeling again, and repeated the process. Each time I felt like I was going to cum, and I stopped, I got a mini-o, and I got harder and harder. After about 5 stop and starts I started getting anpther mini-o after I stopped. I went with the feeling, but it evaded me, so I started jerking again and shortly I felt like I was going to cum again, so I stopped and this time I felt a huge wave of orgasmic energy wash over me, but I stayed hard and did not ejaculate. After I felt that subside I started jerking again, and felt that same feeling, yet it was more intense and lasted longer. I lay there for a bit and got a few mini-o's hands free, and then started jerking again. By this time I was leaking a lot, yet I still felt like I could go longer. I started and stopped a few more times until I felt like I was going to explode, and then took my hands off of my penis, and started getting another super-o. In the middle of the super-o I started jerking again and couldn't hold back any longer, and I shot a huge load. While I was having the super-o I saw flashes of purple and felt like I was outside my body. I never expected the super-o to be so intense, even after reading all fo the posts here. Until you feel it yourself it's really impossible to imagine what it feels like – it is in another realm than an ejaculatory orgasm. I liked cumming, but it was actually not as fun as the waves of mini and super-o's that I was feeling for about 20 or 30 minutes.

I still need to be sexually charged before I can have a mini or super o, and so far the only way for me to start feeling that way is to stimulate my penis by either jerking or squeezing. I am going to try to work towards getting those feelings without jerking off while using the aneros, but until I get there I m not going to deny myself, and a super-t and mini-o's followed by a wave of super-o's will suit me just fine, even if the only way I can get there is to stimulate my penis 😀