ed's journey

i know i said i'd wait several days for another session but i didn't–i wondered what the helix would be like after this progress with my mgx and so i tried it out–not too much happening so i decided to add some hot glue to the p-tab like on my mgx–well i tried it out at 2:40 this afternoon and it was better than in the morning without the glue–also tried the last 10 minutes with no massager and i really think i get more action empty than with the aneros in–now i will wait at least 2 days before another aneros session but i bet i'll get some action empty without even trying before then whenever i lie on my back–i feel some thumping in my prostate right now while sitting and writing this–i had warm feelings and cozy feelings in my prostate several times today while shopping and standing around holding a shopping basket–it seems that my wiring is coming along fine