ed's journey

OH BABY!!!–wow–what woke me up?–about 2 hours after i went to bed last night i was woken up by wave after wave of p-waves–at first i didn't know what i was doing but quickly saw what was happening and tried to prolong the experience–relaxation and letting it take me wherever it wanted was the answer–my prostate was warm then hot!–it stayed hot like that for more than 2 hrs as wave after wave of pleasure washed over it–no anal feelings were generated but plenty of prostate pleasure–so far i've had the longest and/or most intense experiences when awakened from sleep without the aneros inserted–both types of pleasure have come this way–i had those violent asshole convulsions that way too, so i guess it's possible to go all the way without the massager involved–this morning i had small pleasure waves that i could generate with relaxation and breathing by conscious will–this shows a great deal of progress, especially when the previous sessions didn't show much promise–i will still give it a few days off before i use the massager again and i'll bet that things go along without my guidance or help–i seem to get the best results by doing nothing