General O-zone Activated

The following four paragraphs set in quotes is a Forum post from April 15th. Increasingly I am, as I said in this post, "activated in the abdomen" almost all the time. It seems to be a form of continuous after effects or "echo effects". If I am not but feel like it anywhere, anytime, a silent Key Sounding, using the throat muscles but silently, or just imagining making the sound will instantly bring into the O-zone and the energies are there.

"Many spontaneously make sounds during erotic arousal and orgasm. In the emerging science on neuroplasiticity, music is as key a flexible deeply wired/rewirable mental experience as erotic response and apparently deeply linked. Synaesthesia is the experience of one sensory phenomenon in the response form of another: seeing a note of music as a colour for example.

KSMO works amazingly well, particularly as a trigger for erotic body energies. These energies can be triggered, amplified and transformed using the Key Sound, aloud or silently, once you and your body have learned the essence of the triggering mechanism.

Like Hlaser, I have a proclivity for Chairgasms, and Cargasms, examples of the day after a session echo effects that KS can trigger.

Yesterday (April 14th), for example, in a drive to the Big City, I had wonderful strings of mini-Os, safely and without them being distractions, while driving. Between Aneros and KS, I am now "activated in the abdomen" almost all the time as an O-zone boost through life. Aesthetic and kinaesthetic (body motion, as while driving, walking as well as sex) experiences can and do directly trigger p-waves and mini-Os, amplifying daily life. At the right time, you can then call up any level of orgasmic response intentionally, at will: Super-Os or Calm Seas Floating Bliss of cosmogonic proportions."

At the same time the lucid dreaming or hypnagogia visits connected to sessions is increasing. I have a Eupho/Helix Sublime set on the way and we'll see what added possibilities they may bring!