ed's journey

well, i was finally able to hold off having a session for a few days–funny though, i didn't have any echo sessions without the aneros even though i lay down several times each day and tried to feel the waves–i had some slight waves, but not long lasting nor large–it was completely the opposite of what i expected and had been experiencing–added some more hot glue to the mgx and helix but based on today's test with the mgx i think i may have gone beyond the limit for adding stimulation–i will have to continue the experiment with less and maybe a different shape on the tab–when it is right it immediately starts my heart racing upon insertion and sends waves through my prostate–i think that i may have configured the tip so that it hits in a slightly different place, farther from my anus, the distance or dig in may still be right–anyway today's session was pretty tame and i don't think i will lay off so long between sessions again–maybe every day for a few days and then every other day for a few sessions will be the right mix–only time will tell–i laid off cause i thought that i may have worn out my prostate with so much stimulation, although it was never sore, just less responsive–i tried the progasm for the last 10 minutes just to see what would happen and the answer was not much