ed's journey

last night i put the 20 mm peridise in and went out to the garage to watch the red sox–posts have mentioned wearing it while watching tv but if didn't work for me–too much clothing restriction and pressure from the chair–thie next morning i put in the 20 mm but after initial movement it became stuck–had a bm and reapplied–better but still not satisfactory so took it out and put in my mgx–hadn't used it much since my peridise came but liked it better–seemed to move more than before the peridise and got some good stuff from it that i hadn't gotten before–all in all i believe that the peridise is a good starter if you're not having luck with the larger massagers–my peridise started right off with movement that my massagers never gave me and i have learned a lot about how to start a movement and how to control it which i think will be directly converted to massager action–also it has built up my muscle power and control–all in all i think they are great starters and great in themselves–it still remains to be seen if they give different o's as i have not progressed far enough with either the peridise or massager to compare