Having sampled the Helix and its unique character and joys, I/we next tried the Eupho. I have read about its mobility here since joining Aneros, BUTT – none of that had really prepared me for how different and how varied things can be and feel with a Eupho!!!

I tried it solo and included one of my favourite things to include in solo session: stair climbing and descending – what a great gentle grind. I recently started using my small trampoline for a bouncing walking in place that is its own special variation! The Eupho has picked up and amplified the prostate/muscle-wall auto-contraction sensitivity and muscle memory. WOW!

Later, mrs. a and I had an exceptional couple of hours with me adding the Eupho in after some preliminary fun. It boosted my dry-Os during our still times, prompted more variation in the erection strength (more returns to full hard), that Eupho got around to more rectal territory and nerve responses that I had thought possible. We are incorporating more of the still times, energy jolt tranfers and other tantric-inspired techniques. I think the Eupho is a Tantric Magic Wand

This was another flavour of Tantric Body Banquet extraordinaire."

This Eupho now has a very special place in my arsenal!