A Neuroscientist's Stroke as an Unchosen Path

Here is an amazing story unfolding…

From my recent KSMO post: The New York Times story on Jill Bolte Taylor, and her happening upon nirvana as a result of a stroke, provides some interesting reflections on the depth of "rewiring" we work toward or stumble upon ourselves with our methods here and at Aneros…


Her experiences and descriptions are so much like the early Intellectual Orgasms I experienced and the more recent drops into lucid dreaming and hypnagogia in conjunction with KS erotic and transforming energies.

It sounds like "full body" experiences…

Her book should prove interesting.

It will be fascinating to follow how she pursues this phenomenon and her life with it.

It reminds one of the Stendhal Effect, the over-powering aesthetic response, which can act for some as a positive dry orgasmic trigger.

And there are other connected phenomena…

What is your experience that this story connects to?


as we rewire
we are all reconnected