First Few Sessions: Whoa

I first found out about the Aneros a couple of weeks ago in an online forum. Curiosity piqued, I eventually found out more at this very website and immediately bought an MGX at a locally owned sex toy shop. It seemed a bit pricy, but after reading all the stuff about how wonderful it was, what did I have to lose? Turns out it was a wise investment.

I couldn't wait to try it out the next morning after the partner went to work. Having had a lot of anal experience, the lubed MGX slid right up there nicely. It felt odd at first, but good! I laid on the bed and did some breathing exercises to calm me now. Unfortunately for some reason (nervousness?), I was easily distracted and the session wasn't as good as it could have been. I got into some sphincter-tightening and eventually built up a nice, low-level tingly feeling, but that was about it. Mostly this time was spent getting used to the aneros. At one point I started thinking sexy thoughts and my dick went from soft to rock hard in about two seconds – interesting. Since I had held off for several days, it ended with a nice but not mind blowing penile orgasm.

The next morning, I prepped for my second Aneros encounter. This time I concentrated more on doing slower, longer movements on my anal muscles. Lying on my side with one leg up, I did a contract, hold and release cycle with about six seconds on each stage. It was mildly pleasurable, but during one cycle the mild tingle built up so much and so rapidly that I lost count and got momentarily lost in ecstasy. It was fantastic, but it only happened for a few seconds and over the next 40 minutes or so the feeling couldn't be replicated. Hopefully I'll get another neat little wave like that. I also tired lying on my back with my legs bent. I noticed I could really feel the prostate massage by thrusting my pelvis gently. I also tried moving my hips side to side – whoa, now I know what that tab is for! Although I likely wasn't doing things the "correct" way, it was a neat sensation.

Over the weekend, my partner got horny and I decided to show him my new toy. He masturbated my while it was inserted. It was a very unique and interesting experience – feeling sensations on my penis and inside my ass simultaneously. I was hornier than usual (really, this thing is doing wonders for my libido) and came pretty quickly.

I had a third session on Monday, which was also nice. I got all loose and relaxed, but when doing the tightening exercises I couldn't feel much prostate tingliness. Although I did a b.m. that morning, I found that I needed another one, after which the feelings got stronger. After an hour or so of mild pleasure on my back and side, I decided to move onto our comfortable chair in the living room. While there I found that gently shaking my scrotum along with some pelvic thrusts produces some wild feelings via the perineum tab. It was like an amazing upward spiral of sexual intensity! Although I didn't want to get hard, I did and eventually had a fantastic orgasm. I can't wait to find out what else this little plastic wonder has in store for me.