Further Exploration

I've had two more encounters with my MGX since writing the last blog entry. Both were great and very similar to each other, although with each use I'm getting a better understanding of my own body's sensations and how I can use the Aneros to build on them.

On Friday afternoon, I had a bit of extra time to spare so I gave the ol plastic a spin. After a short period of just resting on my side with the MGX inserted, breathing deeply, I started doing some light sphincter contractions. Surprisingly I wasn't feeling much of anything for about 20 minutes and considered giving up. I tried a few minutes on my back, then on my other side, and wasn't getting much other than a low-level, pleasant feeling. Finally I flopped back on my left side and did some squeeze and release movements involving clinching my glute muscles. That did the trick. Eventually these movements evolved into doing some small rotations of my pelvis, lightly squeezing the sphincter when my "O" shaped motions caused my middle to point forward. I also moved around some interior muscles, although at this point I don't really know what I'm doing there. Man, that felt good. I felt a tingle growing and growing inside me. I started moving faster until the bed was shaking like crazy. What emerged was a wonderful buzz that felt like I was almost ready to cum, but sustained over a 15-20 minute period. I don't know if it was a mini-o or wave or whatever, but it sure felt good. At some point I felt ready to stop, then I said to myself "no, I wanna keep going" – and I rode another 15-20 minute wave of pleasure. Eventually I rested on my back and jacked off to a fantastic orgasm, noting that my cum this time was much thicker and whiter than usual.

Getting through the weekend without fetching out the MGX again was hard, but I made it through to Monday. One thing I noticed was that I kept getting nice tingly feelings "down there" without any prompting from time to time. I could also get a mild tingliness manually, but it took some effort.

On Monday morning, I was geared up for another session. Unfortunately there were some interruptions (the mail person delivering a package, an unexpected call from the s.o., the cat wanting to nap next to my leg), so I put it away until the afternoon. My p.m. session was about 90 minutes in length, very similar to the one above. This time I concentrated more on getting a mild sensation and gently coaxing it into (hopefully) something bigger. I worked my way into doing the "O"-shaped movements, only slower and more deliberate. I read B. Mayfield's Best of the Bee Line and kept some of his points about pacing yourself and following wherever it takes you in mind. Eventually I got the same intensely pleasurable wave of bliss I had on Friday. It was excellent. I had to cut the session short since it was getting late, but easily I could've gone for an hour or more longer. Wow!

Although I haven't yet gotten any of the involuntary muscle spasms that supposedly get one to a super-o, I'm having a lot of fun and look forward to whatever's next. Honestly, I'm 39 and haven't had these kind of sensations since I started masturbating 25-odd years ago. It's a cool feeling!