ed's journey

just wanted to say that i got a fungal infection in my lower pubic area that was misdiagnosed as herpes zoster and treated with lyrica from which i developed the severe hives as an allergic reaction–they were mainly concentrated in the groin area and upper legs and lower belly and were so severe that they were driving me crazy and keeping me from sleeping–it must have wiped out all memory from my rewiring with the aneros

finally got back to health and began my sessions again–have had several so far and i seem to have lost it–slowly getting better but am way behind from where i stopped–all those nerve endings that were jangled from the week of intensive hives and the itch stopping cream must still be asleep!–seem to have lost the movement on my toys and also the feeling of how to control my contractions like i used to–my pc contraction seems to be intact but i have lost a lot of control on my anal contractions–seems like i can no longer do an anal without the pc coming along too– i used to have the tickling, buzzing and rubbing on my prostate but now i don't get any of those feelings like i used to–i also had the "tapping" i could do with my pc contractions–now all i get is a strange thing that feels like the massager coming off the prostate with some force, sort of like it was pressed hard against the prostate and when it comes to the edge it slams off–using a lot of lube cause movement is practically nonexistent–i'm now back to waiting for involuntaries to hitch a ride on–i guess i need to be rewired all over again–i'm guessing that all that nerve stimulation with the hives has screwed up the rewiring that i had done with the aneros–it's probably more that than the time i spent without sessions