Tantra and Bio-Electric Sex

We recently acquired Davis and Ellen Ramsdale's book Sexual Energy Ecstasy, a wonderful compendium of information and experience. We were really taken aback when we came to page 304-307, "BIO-ELECTRIC SEX", and found such a detailed description of essentially the practice we have stumbled into intuitively during our explorations with Aneros and KSMO.

Many of the benefits explained here have certainly worked for us, with no prior knowledge or expectations, no "belief" or debate!

The "Scissors" position recommended and illustrated for bio-electric is our favourite over many years, as it minimizes the stress and distraction of pain from my old injuries etc.

After reading about this, my wife and I had a great session of energy generation and sharing based on the techniques I've developed with my Aneros (MGX alone initially) "polishing the knob" and its extensions, and with the Key Sound to trigger, amplify and direct the orgasmic energies tied to the aneros muscle memory training. The reading has helped her sense of this energy generation feeling and she generated significant energy that I could feel happening and that we could share!

This information and the much related material in the book are wonderful help for couples on a Tantric and/or Tao path with Aneros. Here is more detail from a recent post on my KSMO Blog of the same title:

<In scanning it initially, pages 304 to 307 jumped out at me. This section, Bio-Electric Sex, so closely described what mrs. a and I have been experiencing and its profound sense of satisfaction, transcendence and peace.

Bio-Electric Sex is the Ramsdale's digest of Dr. Rudolf von Urban's work and theory. Von Urban was a doctor, psychiatrist and Tantric pioneer whose patients reported many "cures" for various medical problems and other very positive effects, including exceptionally deep relaxation, all from a particular form of intercourse. After a search, I found a reference to von Urban in Michael Murphy's great compendium The Future of the Body: Explorations into the Further Evolution of Human Nature. Murphy notes von Urban was a student of Freud, and follows von Urban's thought through poet Peter Redgrove, essayist George Leonard and others.

Also illustrated in the Bio-electric section is the Scissors position for intercourse. It is our favourite and has been for years since it minimizes the pain and other distractions of my musculo-skeletal injuries' remnants and some just plain aging effects. One of several lasting practices from our early 1990s tantric explorations is our appreciation of times of holding still, and of very slow gentle sex. We have incorporated this more frequently over the last year and a half in our explorations of "mutual prostate sex", including our couples path through both KSMO and Aneros.

Our related interest in the Slow Food and Slow Cities phenomena and the general approach of the Slow Sex movement is another thread in all this. See Carl Honoré's book In Praise of Slow: How a Worldwide movement is Challenging the Cult of Speed with its chapter on Slow Sex.

In our early attempts and learning here and at Aneros we had the desire to have a traditional intercourse grand finish of ejaculation to every session. Gradually we found we did not "need" to do this and we let the sessions take their shape from our energy levels and intuitions. Increasingly we have found far more profound relaxation, mutual ease and satisfaction, and a higher level of very positive energy from our lovemaking by intuitively focusing more and more on the "energy exchanges" I have described in earlier posts here. Some of the best of these exchanges, in addition to the periodic "jolts" and many "tickles" by intention, are the wonderful subtle senses of "flow", the stillness of "sharing" and the transformative "micro-buzz" energy of still "exchange".

It turns out this is very close to von Urban's therapeutic intercourse formula of:
* in the scissors position, the male gently being welcomed in erect or flaccid or in-between, (We have deliberately recently experimented with flaccid entry and it works very well and has its own unique joys!),
* the first 30 minutes stay still and have your minds focused (we say "meet") at/in your genitals and sensing the energies exchanges,
* the second 30 minute of thrusting intercourse staying in the Scissors position, ideally without male ejaculation, and
* a further 30 minutes of stillness if ejaculation does occur.

We have never timed ourselves. We are too focused on what our bodies are telling us and each other! We are too delighted to follow a formula, because we get the results promised and more intuitively.

Von Urban's theory is that male "bodymind" cells and female "bodymind" are of opposite electrical polarity and that by prolonged contact of moist skin there is an exchange of these bio-electric potential energies, which produce the manifest positive results, including ecstatic experiences.

This may be the time for science to take up the detailed study of this phenomenon. All we can say, having stumbled upon it intuitively, is Hallelujah! for the whole thing. It is now the centre of our "mutual prostate" practice, with ejaculations an occasional continuing joy, but just one in a growing panoply of possibilities.

Hope this is helpful on your journey in some way. All the best to all.


Later I had a solo session that began as BPH therapy (the original purpose of Aneros {HIH}!) with my Eupho. Standing, walking, stair-climbing and the like are another form of aneros session that I like and find very rewarding, and that is what this session started as… Always exploring, I tried several forms of exercise, including toe touches. WOW!!! does that have the Eupho really playing out its vaunted mobility and astounding pleasure sensations! It also triggered energies that I did my best to "store" for later use or "composting" into other forms.

Anyone else using any aneros models in exercise, streching, rotations, yoga generally, chi gong, etc?

This bio-electric approach was developed by the late Dr. Rudolph von Urban M.D., about a century ago. We are very curious about exploring this further. Anyone else here, our experts, Alana, know about von Urban's work and/or any ongoing research on his theory and its practice?

We look forward to any comments you might post here. Thanks in anticipation.

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  1. I know nothing about Dr. Rudolph von Urban M.D.'s work. But As I started reading this entry I realized that I to own the book "Sexual Energy Ecstasy".
    I've had it for over 10 years. And have never read it much beyond the first few times when I first got it. I do remember trying some of the soaking techniques mentioned in the book with an ex-girlfriend. I can't say that I recall experiencing much. Although it was a pleasant, relaxing, and bonding experience. Just nothing incredible. Of course I don't think we practiced it enough. And at the time I certainly was not as open minded and/or as knowledgeable about these sort of experiences.

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