Micro-cosmic Orgasm!: A Mirror Intellectual Orgasm?

The following is a recent post I made in Tantricguy's wonderful Forum thread Rewiring & Women's Orgasm:

"Johntrevy, I have come close to what you describe [becoming a disembodied or transformed wholeness-of-being], but rather than the strict geometry of a sphere, it is more amorphous, like a cloud, for me. It can be part of the floating bliss states and frequently is, solo or with my partner.

Alana, thanks so much again! What a wonderful set of vivid, imagery-enhanced, cosmos connections. These recall my IOs of my youth, which keep whispering from behind some thin veil now, as I/we explore and rewire, or more accurately for me apparently, reconnect the experimental circuits of youth and middle age, from IOs, yoga breathing, inner body visualization and healing, Tao and Tantra, hypnagogic voyaging, "touch-for-health", chi gong, and others to those of a lifetime of periodic prostate massage.

A couple of days ago, the morning after mrs. a and I had another great couple of hours of bio-electric coupling to bliss and bliss union with all, we were reading and chatting in bed. I showed her a diagram of the typical structure of a neuron in a recent article on the huge expansions in neuro-sciences lab results and theories. Aesthetic triggers have worked for me for years to set off erotic energies, but this seemed like just a simple even homey diagram…

HOWEVER! Gently at first, but very insistently and spreading from the point of origin in my lower front abdominal wall, unlike earlier small clusters or clouds of energies forming and moving through the body during after-effects orgasmic events, this was like millions upon millions of nano-campfires lighting up and radiating powerfully given their scale! Within about ten minutes this had engulfed my whole body and yet the feeling was one of deeply relaxed serenity mixed with a sparkling joy and great lightness (not the same as "floating bliss"). I said to mrs.a; "Maybe all my neurons are happy to be recognized, or are laughing about this 'portrait'! Either that or its the mitochondria (our energy-source co-species, living in our every cell and energizing us) holding a festival!". It was a very powerful new form of ecstatic energetic experience. A micro-cosmos connection?

In some way, maybe this was a mirror-IO, ecstasy triggered by intellectual activity/poetics. This great gift lasted almost an hour and the memories still trigger chi flows, a different energetic response…

George Lucas has midichlorians as the cellular symbionts and a Force-source in StarWars. I felt like I was the forest planet (or moon) Endor, with a vast planetary Ewok festival lighting up, surging and singing for a whole evening their time!

Johntrevy, this was not the same as the cloud bliss events I mentioned to you above, but had some of the same effects. I find that powerful, exceptional orgasmic energy events have the effect of generalizing my consciousness and opening these universal linkages or mergings, much like what I think you are seeking, but without explicit de-bodying imagery. All the best on your journey and the paths you find."

That thread has several contributors, including Alana and Johntrevy, whose most recent posts are being responded to in mine quoted here. The thread is getting to the heart of the matter opened by our Aneros practices and KSMO, and other sexual energy ecstasy traditions and techniques.

The IOs of my youth, described in earlier posts here in the blog, were powerful, formative experiences: after effects from my early prostate massage practices that resulted in orgasmic energies powering visionary integrative condensations, mappings of the wholeness of life and being in the cosmos.

This Micro-cosmic Orgasm, triggered by intellectual/aesthetic inputs and built on our orgasmic energy training here and at KSMO, resulted in a unique bio-energetic orgasm or network of orgasms more peacefully integrating and celebrating the poetics and powers of our bodymind, our energetic being as integral in the wholeness of being. Is this a mirror of the early IOs?… …for a late-middle-aged/early-maturity/senior child of planet Earth?

I look forward to other developments for me, solo and with dear mrs. a, and others on similar journeys that link and integrate the intellectual, the emotional, the spiritual, the wholeness of being through these creative energies…

What do you think? Who else has a path leading in this direction? Comments, questions, suggestions always welcome here.


a later Post Script: I don't want any confusion between this whole body, including the whole head, whole mind, super scintillating distributed orgasms (SSO!), which I have labelled Micro-cosmic Orgasm, to be confused with the Taoist practice of the Microcosmic Orbit; the cycling of chi energies up the spine, through the chakras, around/through the head and down the front of the body and around key chakras and internal organs to return energies to the seat of kundalini. That too is an amazing experience, but this was a very different (seeming?) phenomenon. Life is full of such mysterious and wonder-filled gifts!!!


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  1. Wow Art, thats an amazing experience. Im very intrigued by you bodies respones to the make up or a neuron. Thank you for sharing this. Food for thought!

    – Wired

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