First impressions

As an introduction, I'm a gay man in my mid-30s. I am in a committed relationship with my partner (X) and we have been very happy together (and sexually active) for 10 years now.

As some straights often ask, 'Which is one of you is The Man?'. Well, sometime the stereotypes are true. In our case, X is a total bottom. He has experimented maybe 3 or 4 times over the past decade with being 'on top' but much prefers being on the receiving end. As for me, I am very happy in the active role and me being on top is our favourite way of having fun.

But it was not always so. The first time I bottomed (many moons ago), I didn't like it that much. The second time, I said to myself 'never again'. The third time, things fell into place so to speak. However, with my partner being neary 100% passive my back passage has been gathering cobwebs!

I can't recall where I first came across the Aneros and the 'Super O' phenomenon. I think it started with a video on Xtube which led me to this site and it wasn't long before I had placed my order. We have a couple toys in the wardrobe, but this looked unique and sounded the business.

It wasn't long before I awoke to find something wedged in my slot (the mailbox, that is). I was surprised how small and light it was, despite being the largest in the current range. I chose it for the K-tab (sounded interesting) and because the perineum tab is like a ball (sounded more comfortable).

My first session was as soon as I got it out of the packaging. Maybe this was not the best choice on my part because it was very early in the morning, I was not that aroused at the time and I was needing to head in soon for work (X had already left for work).

So with those factors working against me being able to relax and take my time, I wasn't expecting much. The first thing I noticed is that the K-tab was jabbing me hard in the cleft of my bum and not in a pleasant way, either. That prevented me from drawing it in too far.

One thing in its favour is that it slipped in painlessly enough. Compared to a buttplug we have, it went in with no problem and didn't leave me stretched out or uncomfortable. However, I started to think it needed to be larger.

I rolled around on the bed in a few different positions and tried several patterns of clenching and breathing. It was all pleasant enough, but not mindblowing. With one eye on the clock I started to have a straightforward wank. The best sensations I had were on my back, my feet hanging off the edge of the bed and pushing my knees together.

My cock didn't get that hard the whole time and when I came my spunk was watery. There wasn't the same force to the stream and I wasn't having the same tight contractions around my cock. There was a nice feeling in my gut and that was about it.

But I'm not one for giving up easily 😉