More prepared this time

Another early morning and with an hour to spare before work I decided to experiment further with our new toy.

First up, time for a modification. I wrapped the gizmo in foil (except for the bit that the K-tab is linked to) and held this over the hotplate on our hob in order to push the tab out a bit. I have since learned that the Prograsm doesn't necessarily need heated in order to pull either tab into a more comfortable position.

This time, I had an enema before hopping in the shower. Once soaped up, I stuck the gizmo in and let it 'settle' while I finished my shower. Back in the bedroom, I lay face down like that ArcticWolves in his clip on Xtube. This time I enjoyed more sensation and movement with the K-tab sliding up and down my crack instead of just jabbing into me. I'm not sure the perineum tab is hitting the right spot though and again I had this niggling feeling the bell end of the shaft could do with being larger.

Towards the end of my allotted time I found the best feelings were when gripping the gizmo deep inside, grinding my groin into the mattress while hugging a pillow. I wasn't hard during much of the session and to be honest I can't recall if I wanked or not??!

Like I said though, the best bit was being able to clamp down on the gizmo with it deep inside me. It was difficult maintaining this for more than a few seconds, but each clench left me panting and tingling. When walking to work I felt a pleasant ache in my groin, like I had been stretching a forgotten muscle.

This is more like it! And still more to come 😉