Round 2 – the pair of us

X came home that evening and was taken aback by what was waiting on the kitchen table. 'What's that?' he asked. 'A sex toy…you'll see' I told him.

We had a first go that night. We had been feeling romantic and were getting up to some frisky fun in the bedroom. In the middle of a blowjob session I reached over and introduced X to the Aneros.

One of the things I notice when reading entries on this site is how often guys treat this as a private thing they do on their own. Fair enough not all guys out there have a partner, but many guys who do have a partner don't seem keen on having a session with that person. Plenty of times it even sounds like they are trying to hide what they are doing.

However, I knew from experience X liked prostate massage (but only before with a finger) and I was keen to see his reaction. X had no concept of the Super-O. I had not showed him any of the videos from Xtube or entries on this site. He seemed a bit nonplussed and wanted to know 'how it worked'. I told him to try to suck it in to himself, but I think like me he wasn't comfortable with the K-tab jabbing him.

X stayed flat on his back with his legs apart while I resumed blowing him. He didn't seemed particularly jazzed up with gizmo and I thought it was going to be wasted on him until he started to cum. He moaned. He writhed. He panted. He gasped and I noticed a quiver in his legs. 'Lucky bitch is going to have a Super-O without even knowing what one is' I thought to myself when he suddenly composed himsef. I wonder if he forced himself away from the full-on experience?? He does complain of back pain every so often and had been stiff all week.

By the way, his cum – which is always tasty – had an entirely different flavour. It seemed a bit more watery and was certainly more abundant.

'What were you DOING?' he asked. 'I thought I was giving birth – my back went into a spasm, which was a bit painful but that combined with the orgasm and…WHEW!.'

I washed up the gizmo and announced I was going to have a go myself. It was fairly brief, with me on my back while X treated me to one of his delightful greasy handjobs. I didn't attempt many contractions or tried to control my breathing, but instead just enjoyed a good wank. This time when I came it was more 'normal' and more forceful (up my chest and to my chin). It was as enjoyable as ever, but not an out of body experience by any means.

Practice makes perfect?