Now THAT'S more like it

Last night we were down the pub with some mates. It wasn't too hard a session, but after 2 pints of bitter I had to switch to Hoegaarden. My body does not cope with switching, even if it's between different types of beer. I felt all right first thing this morning but then had a relapse and retired to bed around noon.

By mid-afternoon I was perking up (though still not 100%) and is often the case when I'm lying in bed with nothing better to do except hold my head, I began feeling a bit frisky. On one of X's trips out to the shops I popped in the gizmo. I'm definitely getting the hang of it, but again most of the pleasure stayed around the back with my cock not getting hard unless I wanked on it.

Then the headache rebounded and I decided to doze off. The fan was on and it was giving me gooseflesh up and down my bare back. X called in briefly, then went for a late lunch. I perked up a bit, but not much, and wasn't doing much with the gizmo except lying on my front, with one leg cocked and the other straight.

I felt a quiver go down my cocked leg and thought 'interesting' so I purposefully jigged that leg a bit. This set off a strong vibration down the entire leg that lasted a few seconds. It was hard to tell when the spasms were involuntary and when they were just me jiggling it along to see what would happen.

I rolled over completely face down, gripped on the gizmo and both legs began jumping about. I literally had to grab onto the bed frame…and this set off my right arm into shivering! It wasn't long before I was in the throes of a full body involuntary spasm which left me panting and tingling with my pants going wet with pre-cum.

I was able to carry these off and on for about a half hour. I noticed that clenching muscles together was a good way of triggering off one of these 'fits'. For instance, pulling my knees together, pressing my hands together or even just pinching my nips hard. Amidst all this I was hardly working the gizmo at all and wasn't the slightest bit hard. I wondered if having the sphincter open for so long or having worked some muscles deep in my abdomen was kicking off these spasms.

But…and it's a big 'but'…although it was exciting and left my heart racing, it didn't feel to me like The Super-O. It was intense, but not intensely pleasurable.

X came home, took one look at me panting and sweating on the bed and assumed my headache was still giving me pains. I announced I was feeling much better and had been using the gizmo to see if it would 'perk me up' (remember, he's still unaware of the possibility of the Super-O). He agreed to sit alongside me for a demo and it wasn't difficult for me to work up a spasm in my legs. 'Is that SAFE?' he said with a bit of alarm in his voice. I assured him I'd seen the videos, but didn't think it was that likely to happen.

This piqued his curiosity and he went in the next room to do some research online. 'The sensations are unique for every man, and learning to
use a prostate massager effectively is part of the journey' he read out to me. Tell me about it!

Overall though I sensed he was a bit unsure what to make of all this with no preparation. I concluded that the whole flapping about thing was not conducive to a romantic lovemaking session, so I rolled over onto my back and encouraged him to finish me off.

Unlike the previous handjob he'd given me when the gizmo was in, this was a definite improvement. I panted. I groaned. I curled my toes (but I made an effort to NOT go into a spasm lest my partner go running for a spoon to stick down my throat). I'm always vocal and appreciative when receiving any attention from my partner, but he noticed a difference. 'What was all that about?' he asked cheekily after I'd finished spurting all over the place, yelping with pleasure.

Next time, we'll see what happens with further adjustments to the tabs, which still don't seem to be hitting the spot.

It's also time to start working on coupling those spasms with some deep internal grinding, to see what that sets off?

Plus, will my partner be ready to start his journey to a Super-O himself??