Couldn't resist another go

X was out with some mates of ours (remember, I had been hungover most of the afternoon) and I spent the evening by myself starting the blog. Typing up my blog entries last night, reading through the comments and looking at some Xtube clips left me feeling frisky.

It's clear that I'm turned on by hearing about other people's experiences with this thing, but putting the gizmo in does not give me an erection, even when I'm feeling aroused.

It's also obvious that some people put a lot of thought into choosing a lube. We've got three:

1 – Palmers coconut butter lotion. Smells lovely, stays slick, does the business whether it's a wank or some bareback bumming (we don't use condoms with each other).

2 – Boots aqueous cream. Thicker and stickier. Good for lubing up toys.

3 – Some nasty water-based lube for use with condoms when we have company around.

Most times I've been using the Palmers, but this last night I used the aqueous cream. I noticed no difference.

All I wanted out of the session was to have a good wank to take the edge off. I had moved the tabs further apart again because I'm still not sure the perineum tab is working the right spot. I experimented with putting it in the wrong way round and although that provided a subtle difference in sensation, I had the same problem with the tab jabbing me and didn't keep with it.

Leg shaking was quite easy to initiate when face down as before and while my upper body had a few judders, there was not a full body spasm. I turned over and let my legs shake off the edge of the bed for a spell. What a great way to stay fit 😉

I positioned myself on my side, the same position when I first had the spasm earlier in the day, and with some lotion began wanking. As before, I was not working that much on clenching down on the gizmo. I worked though on sending my legs into a spasm the same time as thrusting into my lubed hand and that set off a very satisfying orgasm (the first whilst having a leg spasm – you might recall I held back from shaking when X was pulling me off earlier that day). It's not often though a wank leaves my heart pounding! Like I said, I'll have fun keeping fit if nowt else.

It left me wondering where the spasms are coming from and how they could be used to enhance an orgasm. I may not be in the right position, but I don't think the spasms are helping me clench down on the gizmo or causing deeper massage.

It's becoming clear to me that the spasms are unrelated to the prostate massage entirely. Even now, hours later and sat in front of the PC, I can extend my leg and send it into spasms or clench my hands together and set my arms off. Maybe it's a bit like learning to ride a bike – you use different muscles than walking and need a new sense of balance, but it soon becomes second nature.

At some point soon I am going to film a couple sessions and post the clips to Xtube.