Almost a whole weekend-gasm, still trying to wrap my head around things.

It all started Friday night when I got ready for well deserved session. I took extra fish oil, ate some chocolate, also took some bee pollen/royal jelly vitamins too. Got everything ready then took a hot shower. I read of some good techniques for penile relaxation and potential expansion that involve warm water immersion to help relax the blood vessels to allow for more blood flow. I use a hot shower with a head that reduces to a low flow trickle perfect for aiming the flow right where I want. About 10 minutes of shower its off to the room with the Peridise. I videotaped the sessions to get an actual length of time.

I went through two or three of the Peridise's over about 1.5hrs. Such a sweet and sublime warmup. They danced all around and ended up driving me crazy that I was arching into bridge positions (think yoga) and thrusting around. I find that I don't necessarily get as intense orgasm doing this compared to when I can relax, but I just had to move with the body. I calmed down and took a break, got some food to eat and hydrated up. Then it was time for the helix.

Wow, the warm up really had me ready for this. Session lasted another 1.3hrs but I managed to have my first hands free ejaculation. As best as I can recall the prostate buzzing was reaching an intense level. I arched up and released pressure on my abs and let the feeling build in my penis like I was going to pee. I didn't try to push urine out, I just let go like I wasn't going to stop it from happening…and it felt like I was going to. Meanwhile the lower muscle are twitching and squeezing the helix against the prostate inside. My cock starts pulsing and I ride a magnificent dry super-O as it feels like it is pouring out of me but nothings coming out. From the video this looks to last about 1 minute at which point I remember losing my control and squeezing the urine blocking muscles too hard. Oh god. I didn't spurt hard like my normal ejaculations, but rather oozed out a large glob of white cum and pre-cum. It was very stimulating to feel that and experience it with no external stimulation ever applied to my cock. I think I tried to hard to keep it coming so to speak and only managed one more long thick oozing rope that dribbled down my shaft onto my belly. I lost all control and I think fell back into dry-O's clenching real hard while alternatively the helix pistoned in and out of me. It popped out a few times and I found that using my finger lightly in the handle I could keep it aligned and inside me.

I was quite amazed at this when I finally calmed down and took a break. Unfortunately the video cam was positioned high above me on a ceiling lamp and you can't really see what is happening outside of my expressions. I was weak kneed and took a break with my whole anal area tingling. I was so completely horny I knew I was going to go again but I wanted to up the ante. I hopped out to the local sex shop and picked up a new model – the Eupho. Grabbed some late dinner and went back home. Thinner, but a bit longer with a more aggressive p-tab, the Eupho took right to moving and dancing around inside me. The advice is correct, you want good muscle control to send this model where you want to go inside of you. I had about another hour session of bliss and again this model managed to milk me of more than just pre-cum. I think I was squeezing and trying too hard as not as much came out. I was finally exhausted and cleaned up and collapsed in sleep around 3am.

Things were not done for me…