Peridise Test Drives

After three and a half months of MGX pleasure, it was inevitable that I might want to try something new. So — on a whim, I decided to order the Peridise Beginners Set, which arrived a couple of weeks ago. Those things are tiny!

After a few uses, I'm going to go through the pluses and minuses of the Peridise. Plus: it's comfortable. I love being able to insert it and comfortably sit down, walk around, etc. Plus: I've been able to get some great sensations going. The feeling is great, different from the MGX in an indescribable way. One night, I had the thing in for three hours humming along, thinking I could very well go on all night with it. Minus: as yet I haven't gotten to the ecstatic heights that the MGX has taken me. Maybe it's because I'm still relatively new at this and need a little more learning time to control the muscles better.

For instance, today I had a session with the MGX that built up some really strong "think I'm cumming but my penis is soft" sensations. I was on my back in a special chair we have in which I can recline comfortably on my back, knees bent, and crunch my abs to enhance the feelings. Keeping my eyes closed, breathing shallow breaths, things were getting really hot. I was doing this nicely for almost two hours before turning to the larger of the two Peridises. Although it felt good and comfortable, I couldn't get it to go where I wanted it to. On a scale of 1 to 10, the MGX routinely takes me to the 8 or 9 level. With the Peridise I've only been able to do about a 5 or 6. Pleasurable, but not stunning. After about a half hour, I had to go back to the MGX.

Despite all that, I love having this new toy in my arsenal.

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  1. Okay, I take this back. I just had a two hour session with the larger Beginners Peridise that was out of this world. It culminated in dry-Os for about 25 minutes or so. The difference was I stayed on my stomach (something I don't usually do). NOW I'm a believer!

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