After being in the background for a while i decieded to register yesterday.
I also ordered my firat Aneros, a Helix.
The best price I found was with Sax Fetish in Australia.
I will wait rather nervously for a week or so until it arrives.
When I went on line for the first time last night I saw that the mighty Mayfield was on line at the same time.
I hope that this is a good omen.
I thought about saying hello but I thought that premature.
He will have better things to do with his time.

I told my wife all about what I was thinking of doing.
I found the heading of "A Wifes Perspective" in the Forum very helpful.
My wife read some of the postings.
She told me to go ahead which came as a great relief
as I would not like to do anything behind her back.

Well thats the start.