I used to have rectal pains before I used the Aneros.

I'm a young man and for 4 years before I started using the Aneros I would get rectal pains at a minimum of at least once every 3 months, especially and most times in the middle of the night which woke me up out of my sleep. My mom said she got these sometimes too. A colonoscopy found nothing wrong with me. My ex-boyfriend who was abusive used to have rough penetrative sex with me. I don't know if that was a factor. Sometimes I thought it was due to hard stool or constipation. The three most common times I would get these is when I was sleeping or had an intense orgasm (ejaculation) or a certain intensity of a bowel movement. I thought I might have hemmroids but I didn't and don't. Maybe these sensations had something to do with the prostate? I've always had a healthy prostate though and still do. These pains could be mild to extremely intense. It felt at times like someone was sticking a fat, 8 inch, unlubed metal pole up in me. It could wake me up out of a sleep and keep me up the rest of the night, even the mildest pains. When the pains were intense I'd moan and hyperventilate, but took deep breaths and used my mind to help me ease the pain. The pain would sometimes get to a climax where I felt nauseas, became real hot, and started sweating. Sitting on the toilet helped ease this pain somewhat. Sometimes after these painful climaxes the pain would subside to no pain at all.

Ever since I started using the Aneros a few year ago I have rarely had these episodes occur. I feel this device has helped my anus/rectum/prostate area in this way. Now that I own both Peridise sets which are also used as hemmroid massagers at www.highisland.com I am confident this will help my anal/rectal/prostate health even more.