Hands free ejaculation journey

Have been abstaining from full traditional ejaculation for over a week now. Had a good mixed model session on Sunday, but upon going to sleep last night, I had very erotic and mellow orgasms/increased desire wash over me…and this was with nothing inside nor any touching. This kept me focused on wanting something when I returned home today, so I cleaned up, shaved my pubic area (been keeping it hair free for a while now), warmed up the Eupho and ramped up the erotic feelings with some lesbian porn.

Upon insertion it started pumping and stroking me on its own. Having already been very turned on, the Eupho pumped out a large dollop of pre-cum onto my legs as I was initially on my side. I fantasized with the pr0n for a little while and when sufficient into the process, lowered the lid on the laptop so I could listen to their moans but only focus on visual stimulation in my mind. I rolled onto my back and placed a memory foam pillow under my ass to keep everything lifted off the back and angled slightly up.

The mental visualizations were working wonders; focusing on the tickling sensations the Eupho was administering to my prostate really ramped up the arousal. I wasn't really dripping any pre-cum but that didn't matter. The feedback loop kicked in and before I knew it I was deliriously moaning as all manner of pleasure throbbed through my loins. I didn't realize how much time I spent with these dry-O's but they shaking me all over as my eyes rolled involuntarily upwards and back. The sensations spilled over into the uncontrollable spasms of what felt like normal cumming, with of course nothing emitted, and they just kept going.

I tried not to think about reaching a hands free ejaculation and consequently came real close to this happening. In the end I consciously forced one of sorts. Bearing down hard, like trying to force the Eupho out of me, pushed my prostate against it more. Then I forcefully clenched everything in tight, like stopping the flow of urine, and squeezed hard. A large gob of white cum just oozed out of me onto my stomach; I was erect but it wasn't a spasmed spurt, but it felt so good. My goal is for the arousal to be so high that this spasming happens with no conscious thought. I continued a few more good squeezes until my stomach was coated and slick with cum. If I were to have stroked off then I know for sure there'd be an explosive super-T, but I felt so content and mellow I didn't. Plus I'm planning on abstaining from that for at least another week to see where this goes. I went soft and relaxed for a few moments, but the Eupho was still dancing around and to my surprise stimulated me hard again and I rode more dry-O's for a while.

A fantastic night. I think a good testament to working hard and developing the discipline not to stroke yourself off while learning the mysteries of the Aneros device. The more you need to cum, yearn with all your body to cum, the better chances you'll have at having the Aneros take you to places you didn't know exist. I look forward to this weekend or early next week for the next journey.


  1. I am new with only a few sessions. I had one wet orgasm out of four. I don't know if it was correct. I drew the Aneros in hard while rocking by hips back and forth. Have any comments? Thanks for any help.

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