Hands free addendum

As a follow up from last nights euphorific session. Slept full and strong and had some vivid dreams. Have always had the one about being flexible enough and right body shape to fellate myself (still don't think it'll ever happen in real life) and has some intense dreams of doing that to myself. Other dreams took over time and eventually consciousness brought me to awareness of lying in bed in the dark. I could tell it was close to time to arise by the hint of light on the horizon.

I was immediately aware of my horniness level as well as the morning wood stretching my penis to fullness. Lying on my back when waking usually initiates a hard-on especially with the advent of needing to urinate, I think it helps pressure from the bladder generate the right stimulation; if I lay on my side the feeling subsides as does the erection. I threw off the covers so as to not generate any incidental rubbing.

I was throbbing hard and I started nipple work and instantly had pulsing waves of pleasure radiate through my cock. I wonder if having a full-ish bladder helps with pressure/stimulation onto the prostate because I started twitching something fierce. My anus was quivering and pulsing along in time with my cock which was exceptionally engorged right now. Without any Aneros inside I could almost feel myself self massaging my prostate and getting incredibly turned on. I arched my back as I involuntarily clenched and squeezed my cock hard (just like an uncontrollable ejaculation squirt feeling), the first of several orgasms that just shook me. Very intense but floating pleasure. At some point I wasn't as hard as I started off, but still pulsing just as much. While focusing on the pleasure, I hadn't noticed my feet uncontrollably shaking and flexing about. I was putting zero mental thought into doing this, yet I knew I could stop it if needed. They eventually stopped on their own and with a couple of pre-cum squeezes I finally decided to settle down and stop.

I have often tried using the Aneros with a full bladder and had marginal success. I wonder if the prostate doesn't engorge more with full bladders and hence the ease of stimulation I felt this morning. There was no doubt some buzzing carried over from last nights intense session as well. A very good experiment to I look forward to re-investigating in the future. I hope these notes encourage others to experiment along these lines as well.