2nd Month

July 2008 – Thinking the Aneros product might be mainstream, I drive to a local Adult Toy Store. I guess it’s not mainstream. Nobody carries this product or has heard of it. Being a straight laced kind of middle America guy – there’s not a lot of places where main street meets anal stimulators. I haven’t talked to my wife about any of this. I pull the trigger and order it off the internet. Maybe she won’t notice the credit card bill for a prostate massager amidst all the other back to school purchases.

Next up is the quest for lube and lube delivery systems. I’ve got a couple days and some year old lube for the only other vibrator we ever purchased. I read someplace in the forums that someone used an animal medicine syringe they bought from a pet store. I go out and buy one. I can’t even look the check out girl in the eye. I’m glad I don’t have to tell anyone my lame story about a sick cat.

The Helix arrives and magically the wife and kids go out of town. The first time in eight years I get the house to myself. The animal medicine syringe is a disaster. There is a raised rim around the end to keep a cap on. It hurts and I abandon it (later I try to sand the ridge down but it makes the end too sharp). I find a spare children’s medicine dropper. This works like a champ. I have my first session.