Measuring Aneros Time

October 4th – 8th
Decided this week that I needed to stop having sessions every day and hold off to every other day. On 10/4 I took a nice long hot bath. If you have never done this, it should be on your “to do” list. Only then will you ponder the thermal transference properties for this particular kind of plastic.

On 10/8 I engaged in one of favorite pastimes – Using the Peridise while I sit in the garage and smoke an hour and a half stogie and stare out at Suburbia. Reclining on a camping chair I can either read or just pretend to read a book while doing my rear end calisthenics.

Measuring Aneros Time. How do you measure Aneros time? I finished my first bottle of lube today. It was 250 ml. One full bottle of lube down the path. Do you measure time on the road from the start of use date? How many sessions you’ve had? How many total hours of Aneros ‘in’ time? Since haven’t been keeping a log, I figure its about 5 ml. per session so that makes about 50 sessions, 2 hours per session, started in August, so comes to about 4 times a week. Far less time then I could have put into internet poker.