Day-After Effects: The Best So Far

From early in my practice, Day-After Effects have been a very significant part, beginning with Butt Buzz, expanding over time into the day of joy in the O-zone, where mini-Os and greater dry-Os (hlaser's Chairgasms/Cargasms) begin as spontaneous, become more regular and then are available at will when you choose out of the that delightful background O-zone buzz.

The best and most unique Day-After Effect so far though goes beyond these. In a previous post here I described the Mitochondrial Orgasm and at first that seemed like it might have been a one-time experience or interpretation.

And yet that experience was so wonderful and affecting that I felt a yen to "get back there" and also to try to research the possible science of this if the M-O was name was anything more than a metaphor. Because of my earlier interest in Tantra and Tao and the recent readings and interpretation of the results of my practices with Aneros and KSMO, I joined The Tao Bums this past January but got little response/feedback there until August and since then have really enjoyed the discussions there, which are by no means primarily sexual as the basis of Taoist practices.

By late September, after getting smaller events that had the same millions of tiny campfires sensations, I had the first purely Aneros Day-After Effect full Mitochondrial Orgasm and posted the following in the Forum here:

<<<Today I had the strongest singular aneros after effect yet (a day of Butt Buzz in the O-zone being a frequent favourite!), two days after a great session with my Eupho, ending with a BPH treatment, cleaning the pipes! This morning as I was resting in bed after waking, I began to have a familiar feeling…

It was the energies rising and the campfires lighting up at all the key points throughout my lower abdomen! For over an hour and quarter the scintillations spread throughout my body and especially down my legs and down my arms and into my hands until they felt like they were radiating powerfully. This was another in the series of Mitochondrial Orgasms I have been having, but this was the first that was purely based on an aneros session. Here is my blog description of the first of these:

The focus of most intensity shifted as each area: perineum, prostate, sacrum, navel and below, and scrotum! And then, without any engorgement, my penis lit up like the most spectacular morning sunrise and glowed inwardly with an unbelievable intensity, while staying perfectly still. This light filled my whole body and slowly subsided until this astounding dry orgasm, "above and beyond" but experienced inwardly, slowly levelled out to soft and contented landing…>>>

One of the members who shares this interest in the science of male multiple orgasms and the quest for spiritual orgasms is Drew Hempel at The Tao Bums. In response to my blog there, which is essentially the same with minor variations as here and at KSMO, he posted a great link to the ongoing scientific research on mitochondria at : .

You can copy and paste this link in your browser, or there is a live version of it in a post in my thread Two New Polls: Day-After Effects and Orientation in the General Discussion section of the Forum. ALSO!: please visit these Polls in the Community Polls section of the Forum and vote and post your experiences and thoughts!

Mitochondria generate our cellular energy and can behave in synchronized pulsing of energy as shown in the scientific paper above in all our vital functions such as heart beats. Are we tapping into coordinated mitochondrial energy patternings in these wide-ranging orgasmic energy responses with Aneros and KSMO?

And this opens further questions about the full potential of these practices. Does knowledge sharpen intention and is intentionality a key to more effective practice after the initial openness required to acquire the rewiring and skills of the adept? Does more detailed intellectual engagement and the sense of understanding and being at home in your body enhance the skills and range of possible orgasmic energetic responses?

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  1. A a newly "rewired" aneros user I am constantly amazed at how each session gets better and better. With your post I look forward to the future while enjoying the moment I am in.

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