Can this get better?

Well about 2 weeks ago I experienced what I thought was a Super-O. Maybe it was or maybe it was just a minor part of the awakening stage. What I thought was awesome 2 weeks ago is nothing compared to what I experienced last night. I have learned to let my body and aneros do what it wants to do. As I look back at the last 17 months and aneros use, I now see all the mistakes I have made in this journey. You just can't force this thing to work. I guess we all develop our own techniques. Now it's funny but after all this time becoming "rewired" I now get involuntary contractions within minutes of insertion just by letting aneros rest in just the right spot. I used to work at it, get very sensitive but would rarely even get involuntary responses. For those of you that haven't reached the super-o level, what worked for me was to get myself worked up and sensitive by doing my routine voluntary contractions. I would then find the most sensitive spot inside and just gently rest the aneros there. I wasn't using any pressure but just contracting my anus and letting it rest there. Before I knew it the aneros was being slightly tugged deeper on its own. I would just concentrate on that spot and do nothing. Absolutely do not bear down, just relax and let it happen. Now as incredible as it may seem over the last 2 weeks my super-o experiences have just become more and more intense. Can this really get better?? Inside I absolutely know it can. My body tells me so. The wonderful thing is that I now have now reached a point that I know each time I go to use aneros I am going to be able to reach this super-o bliss. It now happens quickly by just letting it happen. I do not try to make it happen, I am 100% just enjoying the ride at each level and the ride is getting more and more enjoyable. PS. Just a footnote, what finally pushed me over the top was the fact I started using all three of my toys. I started with the Eupho and worked up to the Progasm. Up until last night the Progasm gave my the best results but last night the Helix swept me away to places I would never thought possible.