New High

I just had the best ejaculation of my life a couple of days ago, after a three hour session with the MGX.

This came as a surprise, since all of my sessions during September were strictly okay. Although pleasurable, it didn't seem like I was making much progress … good feelings, but nothing intense like the "pleasure spreading" sensation I wrote about on August 18th. Perhaps introducing the Peridise into the mix was confusing my body. That in mind, I decided to just concentrate on the MGX. All last week, the partner was at home so it didn't give me much time to play. By Monday it had been nearly a week since I masturbated and my prostate was sending those telltale "massage me" signs. I had a pretty good session that day. Wonderful, but it paled next to what would come the following day.

I wasn't planning to bring the MGX back out on Tuesday, but early in the day my entire midsection was going crazy, all aflutter. So I took a fish oil tablet, ate a little dark chocolate, and lubed up with some new KY. Almost immediately it was hitting all the right spots, in the right ways. I did some time lying on the couch, striking a groove with a position that was on my left side with my right lower leg resting on the top of the couch. The combination of anal contractions and having a finger rubbing the "sweet spot" above my penis was driving my body into an insatiable tizzy. I would drive myself into an orgasm-like peak, then rest a couple of minutes, then go into another peak. This went on for about 2-1/2 hours.

Although I never wanted this pleasure to stop, the afternoon was waning and eventually I decided to coax the feelings into my penis and try to cum. Now, I've done edging several times before both with and without the Aneros, but this time the sensations were so heightened that it took things to a whole new level. Rubbing two fingers on the bottom half of my rock hard dick (so it would be pleasured just enough to feel good), I went into cycles of bringing myself near to ejaculation, then holding back and going into contractions with the MGX. This was building up new, unimaginable levels of pleasure. For about 20 minutes I was in quasi-orgasmic ecstasy, constantly moaning and feeling like I was transported somewhere else. Finally it erupted into bar-none the best cum I ever had. Man, my prostate felt like it just ran the Boston Marathon!

After it was all over, I was amazed to find that I was still buzzing, and feeling horny. Later that night, I masturbated again. Then the next day, I had another session that ended with another ejac. Neither was as good as Tuesday, however. I should learn to take a couple of days' rest between sessions; it'll give me something special to look forward to. Now I feel like my rewiring has hit a new level.


  1. Matt, dude, I discovered your blog recently. It seems I connect with most of your experience, as we seem to be the same age and same set-up (separate rooms–haha!). Best sessions are almost the same time when the partner's asleep or away–I guess because we have no inhibitions to worry about.

    Had my explosive (read–messy) moment two nights ago. Someone from the forum suggested I just love my self, and that help me relax a lot. I came after 30 mins using my Helix.

    Keep on blogging!


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