Get it tomorrow

So i bought the helix and im pretty excited…im a gay man at the youong age of 19 who has had a one hands free orgasm when topped….it was amazing…i researched it a little and the aneros ALWAYS popped up it was THE sex toy to get for male stimulation, so i bought one im not skeptical ut timid to know what a super O is and was wondering if its REALLY true and if some one wouldnt mind explaining or if they know any vids like on XTUBE to watch with it would be great


  1. The vids on X-Tube didn't really do much for me. The most important thing is to develop your technique and enjoy "the trip" so to speak. Don't get discouraged if you get nothing at first. I should talk…… took me longer than most but boy is it worth it.

  2. yea the videos on xtube seem to just give you an idea of what the toy does and all….im really open to ass play and LOVE it soo i think it will work pretty welll i get it this afternoon by 4ish so ill woll repost tonight after my first session

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