Well I don't know about anyone else but after my intense session last night I am just drag my ass exhausted. I so much look forward to using my aneros toys since I have reached the super-o level. Each experience has been different. Last night I again used each of my 3 toys. Each one gives you a different ride. I have found that my Progasm which gives me a really full effect has a tendency to pop out during intense orgasms. Has anyone had this experience? My Helix does just the opposite and dives deeper and holds tighter during a super-o. Last night I broke my session up into 3 parts. I started with the Eupho for about 1 hour then to the Helix and on to the Progasm. Between each session I took a 20 minute break. I find that by taking a break you somehow get recharged and more sensitive. I reached a level last night that no matter what toy I used I would almost immediately begin involuntary contractions which lasted over 1 hour. I was also able to relax more which lessened the shaking and spasms I have been getting. Within this 1 hour period I had many, many super-o orgasms. It was sooooo intense and quite frankly I didn't want to stop. I just let it happen over and over again on the floor in absolute bliss. Oh and another thing. I read a post a few days ago here about a product you can get at Walgreens on-line called Probe Thick and Rich . I ordered some and I have to say it is the best lubricant I have ever purchased. It just lasts forever. Also, Walgreens will give you medicine droppers if you ask at the pharmacy. They are great for adding 3 or 4 cc of fluid anally. Yes, they are free!! I think it certainly added to my experience. Well it is now morning and I slept like a rock but as the title says, I am totally exhausted.