Session log

Well it's Sunday and I am pretty relaxed and I have been patient waiting for evening. I have decided to use all my versions and keep a log for each experience. Today I started with my usual Eupho experience. Today was different. I lubed up with thick and rich. As I inserted the Eupho I realized how sensitive I have become. Now it's not a bad sensitive, it’s more like I was already there. That place I get carried to after 20 minutes or so. I lay there and felt that slight tug as the Eupho was dragged deeper across my prostate. Damn it felt good. I have learned just to let this happen and it did. I began sporadic involuntary contractions and Eupho dug in deeper my body jerking as it dragged across more sensitive areas. Within minutes a rhythmic pulsing began and I could feel my anal muscles flexing in and out on their own. This intensified the prostate massage and my perineum began to bulge and swell. The feeling was awesome. The involuntaries became deep and powerful and everything became explosive sensitive. My back arched, my feet lifted my buttocks slightly and my stomach tightened. I was completely immersed in and just centered on this feeling as it just plainly overwhelmed me but still I have learned to let it happen. Like being on a roller coaster….just hold on. 45 minutes later, here I am. I will report back when I finish with Helix.

Welcome back…….Helix mmmm what to say. I am very sensitive today. I noticed it this morning as I was having slight spasms and I was feeling like aneros time. Well after Eupho the Helix has been another experience. There was no waiting as my prostate went immediately into spasms. I am learning to control my muscles and relax. Just let this happen……….WOW……extremely deep involuntary thrusts stroking my prostate and it was hitting "that" spot dead on. Relaxing I am enjoying the ride and how intense! My perineum feels extremely hard and ready to burst. So much pleasure and so intense and all I want is more. This level lasted for 20 minutes or so but it's quite hard to tell as I get so zoned in on the moment just enjoying. I am taking a break. I think I'll go a round with the Helix again. What's great about this is a super-o doesn't sap your desire. Oh too much!

Helix is just awesome. I just love the way it digs in deeper right when it's supposed to. There's nothing so awesome as relaxing and letting this thing take you over. Many little o's and one tremendous super O which lasted 10 minutes or so. I cried out a little bit with pleasure this time, a first for me. I hope it's not the last. It's like it becomes familiar territory, a place you become familiar with. That in turn allows you to go with it and embrace it. Ok so next up……………..PROGASM……..Hope I make it back here. I may just get to spent.

So now the Progasm. Wow was this super tight tonight. But once in it fits like a glove. I had been having problems with this one popping out at exactly the wrong moment. So tonight I have found that the slightest amount of holding force with my anal muscles holds this in place and actually intesifies the involentary contractions. So as my prostate swells I just grip and don't release. I like the Progasm a lot but I think the toy of choice is going to be the Helix, though I will continue using all three. Tonight the Progasm felt very tight for some reason. I tried a new position for me which was in the fetal position. I placed a rolled up towel between my knees to keep my legs apart about 6 inches and rolled on my side. It was easy to keep the Progasm in place in this position and the contractions were awesome. There are points during use that your in your own little orgasmic world…….just plain overwhelmed. The deeper contractions with this device cause me to spasm with pleasure when just the right spot is stroked and the progasm seems to know where that spot is. It's crazy how once this gets going there is no effort on my part. There are times this thing will stroke me 100 times in a minute with involentaries. I just relax and enjoy the ride. Well I am beat! A very good beat though. I did have to shower because I was dripping in sweat. I drank 2 glasses of water tonight just trying to stay hydrated. I think I'll buy some Gator Aid. Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. I enjoyed writing it.


  1. Ha Ha, I have never experienced anything like this. Thought it would be interesting to try to put it to words. I don't know if you read my testimonial? It took a long time to get here. What a hoot! There would be alot less violence in the world if ever guy had one of these. ‹(•¿•)›

  2. Wow! Boy was this a great read. I am still getting used to my Helix, but I
    am looking toward to my future sessions — particulary if they are like this!

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