Which one is best

Well I have been traveling the last 4 days and with some company. I am finally home and I was looking forward to scratching this itch I have. Tonight I started with the Helix and I did reach some good orgasmic levels but not what I had hoped for after 4 days off. I took a break for about 2 hours and decided to play with Eupho. WOW, did this one hit the spot!!! So for 1 half hour it was intense. I didn't expect this from Eupho. Being short of time as it was getting late I moved on to Progasm after a 1 half hour rest. I have found this resting period the way to go for me. It seems that I am more sensitive after my rest and I usually pick up quickly where I left off. This was also the case tonight. Progasm with it's size just overwhelmed me with the sensitive condition Eupho had left me in. I had full body orgasms and Progesm stroked my prostate top to bottom. What a wonderful workout. Now instead of the pain and discomfort associated with BPH all I get is a warm fuzzy feeling throughout the day. I'll take that any day. So which one is better of these three models I use? I thought Helix but tonight Progasm was my weapon of choice though Eupho got me all hot and bothered. Progasm is huge compared to Helix. I do love the size and get very excited just inserting this thing. I used to think it was to big but my body has become used to how it feels and I have learned to relax and enjoy the total ride begining to end.