Recipe for success

Won't go into details of the session so much. This is more of a reminder of combination of lubes lately leading up to exquisite sessions.

I recently purchased several lubes from cheaplubes: Probe, which I had been using, now in larger quantity; Maximus, heard this is highly recommended on this site; Stroke 29, for the non-aneros sessions (good stuff!).

I had initially tried a session with just Maximus, but it wasn't all that great. While I believe it was mostly due to stress and exhaustion prior, I do not believe that Maximus alone works well for me. It is very thick, and did not seem to break down into slipperiness like Probe does.

The last two sessions however, I think I stumbled onto a very prosperous combination for myself. I first freeze a small quantity of Coconut oil in the size of a marble; once solid I go ahead and insert fully into my anus. This melts and provides some internal lubrication. I then fill an old spice jar partially with Probe and immerse the Eupho in this. I can twirl it around and fully coat it without losing any of the lube. While that is being coated, I take a small dollop (size of index fingerprint) of Maximus and sort of push it just in the anal opening, one more small drop to coat the outer area as well. Then take out the Eupho, let excess Probe drain back into the spice jar, and insert.

The slippery shaft covered in Probe goes in easy, the Maximus at the entry adding some thick gripping power, and the coconut oil melted inside by now. I achieve incredible movement from the Eupho I hadn't experienced before almost immediately. I keep the sessions to around 1 hour to avoid to much drying. Tonight was fantastic with ecstatic waves of pleasure rocking my body; it was like the Eupho had unfettered access to dance to the whim of my prostate. And I couldn't be any happier at the results.

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  1. Thanks for the info. I am a newbee. Where do you buy coconut oil and which Probe lube did you use, Silky light or thich rich? I saw a small applicator on the web to insert and deposit lube. Any luck with that?

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