Cast Off

Well it is indeed a strange world.
4 weeks after ordering the Helix and 2 days after ordering the MGX the Helix arrives this morning.
Also an e mail telling me the MGX has been dispatched.

Upon opening the package i was pleased to see the Helix was smaller than I had imagined it to be. I was a bit worried that it would be too big.

So I did the day,s business as quickly as possible.
I told the wife I need about 2 hours of quiet for my forst try.
Gave her some money to get her nails done.

In this part of the world there is a wash down hose by the toilet.
Very useful for a flush out inside.
Shower and lube with KY.

Set the cd going with Hypnareosession.
The Helix slid in nicely, very surprised.

I set my sights low but the burden of expectation will always be with you.
You would have to be a pretty remarkable person to expect a zero result and be happy with that outcome.

There is a lot going on the first time out both physically and mentally.

Trying to follow Alanas instructions is demanding.
Breathing, imagine an ember, projecting images.
Trying to stay relaxed.
It did help having the cd.

The physical outcome was some small drops of clear fluid
and some shaking of my legs.
I had three bouts of shaking, one of which was quite strong.
Also an itching feeling inside.

After about 90 minutes I stopped.

After effects.
An undeniable itch inside for about 2 hours.
It must be an awakened prostate, or is it the siren call of Mistress Aneros ?
During this time I felt more in tune with the world around me.
A colony of small birds nesting in the banana plants at the bottom of the garden.
The high speed and erratic flight of the dragon flies.
An early evening beer seemed to have improved flavour.
My wife said I was in a better mood.
All in all a positive first attempt.