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I find it interesting at how my body reacts. Each session with these products produces different results. I have had days that I have really looked forward to using my Anero products but with less than spectacular results. My body just wasn't into it or maybe my mind wasn't. Well last night I didn't feel that excited and I had a somewhat stressful day but I decided to go for it. All I can say was it was the most intense session I have ever had. Go figure!! Each model sent me through the roof with almost nonstop orgasms. What wonderful products you have created!! I highly recommend using several different models during each session as each one hits different spots. I have also found that taking a break between switching models helps too. Is one model better than the other??? It depends on the session.

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  1. Hey,
    Glad you are having awesome results. I have the same 3 stimulators as you, plus the MGX. Each session for me is usually different also. I usually use a couple different ones with each session. Just yesterday I solely used the Helix, and to put it plainly, it ROCKED!! I like how the p-tab on the Helix really hits my g-spot. Yesterday during my session I was messaging all around my g-spot which helped created so much more stimulation. My hard-on could have cut glass!!!! It is so great to hear that other guys are experiencing the same wonderful orgasms as myself. Nood

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