Alive and living

I have read over and over about using plenty of lube. My lube of choice is called Probe. I have developed a pretty good routine which works well for me. I first clean out my anus using about 4 to 6 oz of warm water. I use a small bulb similar with something you would clean wax from your ears with. I relax and release this water sitting on a toilet. ( Ya I know sounds gross but it works ) Next I use a little dropper tube I got a Walgreens free from the Pharmacy. I insert with about 3 to 4 oz of probe. Last comes the aneros of my choice. I have found getting ready greatly enhances my results. Lube is the key. I generally start off with Eupho and finish with Progasm. Each time I switch toys I add a little lube. My results have been amazing since I have started this routine. More lube = more sensitivity. Also, I can't say this enough……….guys if you have BPH symptoms then using these devices can really reduce most all symptoms. 2 Years ago I was told I had an enlarged prostate and I was having many issues. I just had my yearly checkup and I am now being told every thing feels normal. Lucky me!