ed's journey

just used my 20 mm peridise after no sessions for 4 or 5 weeks–went a lot better than i expected after so long a layoff–almost got to the super stage but had to stop cause of huge need to piss–was well worth it to stop–had to stop a second time for the same reason–for some strange reason had 2 huge pisses from this session but the feelings were quite nice–my feelings seem to be getting more subtle–at first the lack of sharp distinction made me think that i was losing my ability to feel but now i see that the feelings are getting more subtle but probably remain as powerful in their ability to get me to the super-o stage–don't know yet as i still have not had my second super-o yet

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  1. Ed,

    Keep moving forward with your journey. I am purchasing a Helix tomorrow and starting one of my own. Wish me luck!

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