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My first experience is pleasent. Insertion is pleasent. Contractions are pleasent but no non-ejaculatory result. I feel like I would like to try every night. I am afraid if I go at this every night with too much trying, I am going to miss it. How often does a newbee try, once every two days or so? Is there a typical road to sucess to attain the non-ejaculatory response? Any comments or help is appreciated.

Side issue – is there a way to chat real time with others that use the Aneros?




  1. 2nd question – There was a little difficulty in removal. The B's page suggested using an applicator to apply liquid KY internally. The applicator looks to be 3 or 4 inches long. How far in is the applicator supposed to be before applying the lube?

  2. Hello again plforino, 🙂

    I didn't realize you had posted some questions within the Blogs section before I replied to your Private Message. Follow the suggestions I gave you in my reply. And if none of the reading answers your questions. Make a post within the Forum, and you will get much more responses than here within the Blogs.

    Love is Peace

  3. In my experience you can use these devices as much as you want. Your body will let you know. At first I used to be sore if I over did it but now I experience non of that. I think my body has become accustom. I have worked my way up to the Progasm but I have had excellent results with all other models I have tried. Be patient plforino. It took me over a year to have my first super-O but I have them every time I have a session now. Even if it took me 2 years it would have been worth the wait. As far as lube goes, I have been using Probe Thick Rich, it's 100% all natural, Google it. I went to Walgreens pharmacy and got a medicine dropper for free. Ask and they give them to you. Lube is the key. Good luck and enjoy the ride!

  4. plforino-

    this kind of post is better posted on the forum.

    blogs are for describing your experiences, not really for asking questions.

    why don't you cut and paste this into a forum post.


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