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It seems once you have experienced a super-o and you begin to take note how they begin they are more easily attainable. Where I used to be a little nervous and not trusting of all these new feelings I find them very familiar now. The more comfortable I feel, the more intense these orgasms become. My first super-o was no where near as intense as the super-o's I have now. Quite frankly, they seem to get better and longer and more overwhelming but I trust it more now which allows me to go with it even at it's most intense moment. I have also found that super-o's do give me a deep satisfaction or release but it's much different from a traditional orgasm. I sometimes have 4 or 5 super's in 1 session and I get to a point where my body has had enough. These sessions may last 1 or 2 hours. I look forward to these sessions very much and there is a great satisfaction afterward. A traditional ejaculatory orgasm may take 10 minutes to achieve and that's it. It's over. The super-o effect last much longer after all is said and done. For me after about 2 days I am ready to go again and if I go longer than that I get frustrated. Also, the orgasms I am experiencing give my prostate quite a vigorus workout. I used to be sore afterward but that has all but disappeared even when I use the Progasm. Let me tell you…the Progasm can give me quite a workout. The next day I feel nothing but pleasure and relief. Little did I know, when I started this journey by visiting my doctor with prostate problems would I end up here with such a pleasent and satisfying solution. ******AIN"T LIFE GRAND******

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  1. That's fantastic LivingLarge!
    I can't wait to get where you are at.

    It is interesting how once you experience even a little bit of something you've been striving for, it increases your own power of belief that it can be done. Thus making it easier to get completely there.

    Having experienced what I think was my first super-O from using my Progasm the first time. I believe I understand the condition(s) for it to happen now, and having experienced it, believe it can happen. Although I have not yet been able to reproduce it. All in good time… 😀

    Love is Peace

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