First two attempts – no results

Introduction to my situation:

Several months ago while studying the physiology of orgasms for both males and females, I came upon the concept of men's prostate orgasms. Of course, Aneros was suggested by one or two web sites. Since my standard penis-based masturbation is rather lacking in pleasure (it feels a little nice on the second half of a session, but typically nothing really phenomenal overall), I decided that I would give prostate-based pleasuring a try in hopes that it would have better results. Since then, I had used various methods to approach prostate massage, but none of them seemed to work. So late last week, I decided I'd take a chance and buy an Aneros Helix, which I had read was considered the more 'adventurous' of the starter-type models. I acquired the Helix on Sunday and, of course, had my first session that same day.

First time
The results of the first session were minimal, or perhaps even nonexistent. It left me feeling a little depressed, worried, and very disappointed. I had well read that it often takes a lot of time; that there is learning to be done and so forth. I can tell that I approached the situation the wrong way, but I'm surprised that I felt nothing positive, as if I might as well have stuck anything up there.

I was probably a little hasty in the "relaxation" phase of the session. After perhaps 4 minutes I thought I was truly relaxed, at least physically. So I tried the muscle contracting exercises, trying to get accustomed to how it moved with my muscles as well as how the outer portion of it functioned outside. There was some slight concerned that I could not feel the perineum abutment as much as I thought I should. I tried to reposition and press it in a little to no avail, but I figured maybe it would work out later on.

I continued the contraction exercises for a while, but I became concerned that I could not really feel any distinguishing sensation on my prostate. That is to say, I couldn't really even tell if anything was touching it or not. After about 20 minutes I gave up for the session. I had a very unfortunate sort feeling as I set things away and carried on with my day.

The next day (today as of this writing) was my second attempt. Since the last time, I had read various information from users on the forum. I believe this both helped and harmed me. I was reading accounts that first timers felt at least slight activity on their first or second tries, even if it wasn't exactly what they were hoping. So I became concerned with the usual stuff: Is there some kind of incompatibility between the model and myself? Am I incapable of even the slightest enjoyability from this stuff? etc.

Second time
(For this and all future sessions I'll organize it into convenient categories)

So I decided I'd be a little less impulsive this time. I took a warm shower to loosen up, and some nice music was playing through my head. I also had things preset on my bed so I could quickly get into it. And so after drying up from the shower, I returned, put it in, and laid out sideways as directed. Being at least a little more experienced now, I made sure to do everything a little more carefully.

Ten minutes to relax, I thought. I regulated my breathing and began to feel somewhat at peace with the silence of the room. At the very least I felt more relaxed than last time, and though I had expectations, they were far more realistic than last time. I felt my heartbeat slowing and my body felt quite like I was on the way to sleep if I were to have stayed there.

The Process
After about ten minutes, I felt that everything was in place and ready to go. I tried the contractions again. This time I was more conscious about it and tried to vary the strength, position of the helix, and other things in order to find what might work. Sadly, nothing of interest was happening, but I persevered, knowing that this was just a step along the way.

Some ways through, I tried laying on my stomach, as I have seem several videos of a user having success with this. It seemed that the helix felt more noticeably submerged, I could more readily feel the perineum abutment pressing, so I thought I would stay in that position.

Still, through the whole session I couldn't feel anything that would distinguish the prostate being touched. Should I allow some time to develop even a feeling of pressure to emerge? Knowing that I am as new as can be regarding prostate activity, it would not be surprising if I had to practice in order to detect any sort of feeling.

I'm also concerned that my body itself hasn't responded in any noticeable way. I will keep practicing over the next coming weeks. My hopes are rather low, but hopefully something will happen sooner rather than later. I can envision myself using these sessions as a time to relax even if I have no pleasurable gain. But if I won't gain any feeling whatsoever from the helix, I may as well just lay down on the bed.

I am willing to take any suggestions and encouragement I can find. I know I will be needing it.


  1. I can relate to how you feel. It took me forever to get any results. Actually it took 1 year and many more months. My goal was a bit different as I was using this to help with BPH issues. I did want to experience a super-o but the Helix which was also my first choice did relieve my BPH symptoms rather quickly. Over the course of the first year I had many great sessions and many not so great ones as you describe. During some sessions I would try to force a super-o but that just isn't going to happen as my experience has proven. I feel redundant saying this but lube and plenty of it is the key. It is also important that your ass (colon) is clean. The Helix needs unrestricted movement. My lube of choice is Probe Thick and Rich. You can get it on-line. The bottom line is don't give up and do the prep before using the Helix. You will find what works for you.

  2. Hello Benjam, 🙂

    Yes, you need to allow the time for your body/mind to "rewire". As this process occurs you will start to recognize your prostrate being touched in a pleasurable way. It took me just over a year of infrequent sessions to recognize pleasurable sensations in my prostrate and anus. Since then I practice regularly and progress has occurred quicker in the last two months than the prior year.

    There is no cause for concern that your body has not responded to your Helix in a noticeable way. You've only had two sessions. Be patient. My best sessions are when I can completely remove expectations of outcomes, to relax completely, and approach the session more as a meditation, rather than a way to get off.

    " I can envision myself using these sessions as a time to relax even if I have no pleasurable gain. But if I won't gain any feeling whatsoever from the Helix, I may as well just lay down on the bed."

    You have to remember that using an Aneros prostrate massager is entirely different than penis based stimulation. Relaxation and light gentle contractions, versus hard thrusting and contracting. Don't give up. You just started. This process takes time.

    Love is Peace

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