First Mini-O

Just a quick update as this is the middle of the holiday season. Everything is very busy and there just isn’t time for quality sessions. To make a long story short, I got some time and decided on the Peridise, beginners edition. The first half hour passed without so much as a twitch. Time for a cigar. No bannana’s! Oh well, might as well hit the showers. But I saw the exercise ball and thought, what the heck, why not watch an old episode of “Three’s Company” and bounce around on the exercise ball! Now that got some pleasurable feelings going and definitely lifted the session above a dud – not the best, not the worst.

Then, “Three’s Company” is over, time for a shower – this is were things get interesting. The water felt fantastic when it was pounding the area right below my navel. My water pressure is weak and I do not have a flexible hose, but the hot water immediately got some p-waves going and involuntaries working. It must have lasted 10 minutes. Pleasure and contractions. Self-perpetuating (as long as the water was on the spot). Almost a textbook definition of a mini-o. I didn’t hurry it along or finish it off. Just something to build on in a couple of days.

The Peridise made it exquisite. As I am learning, slow is better. Let it build up. If this had been the Helix, I probably would have ended up with a hands free wet one. But the Peridise makes you work it.

Still, I’m calling it a mini-o. My first one. 5 months and counting (or, 5 months and who’s counting?).