Entering week 2: still not feeling it just yet

Nearly a week has passed since my first post here. I have been having daily sessions, one at hour each. Most of these sessions have been at night (around 10 pm to as late as midnight) while a pair have been earlier in the day. My overall level of progress is very little. I'm beginning to realize that it may take much longer than I expected to experience even the smallest of benefits from the massager.

Words on mentality:
In time, it started to become easier to drop my expectations and goals. My current goal is relatively simple: feel anything other than my muscles on the massager. I've also learned not to be as frustrated with my lack of any positive sensations. This required somewhat of an attitude change, thinking of the daily sessions as 'a possible chance to progress' rather than 'it BETTER work this time.'

I've also learned to avoid the aneros site forums. Reading it for too long only makes me frustrated and a little upset. I must stress that my reasoning is not because I think badly of anyone there. The forum is filled with a torrent of success stories (or decent progress stories) that are discouraging to someone like me, who has not made that same progress. I do apologize, but I guess I can be a highly jealous person at times. As long as I stay out of there, my mind is clearer and a little more patient as I practice.

I've learned that you can't simply do this at any time, especially not at night very close to bed time. Two of the sessions came very close to my typical bed time hours, and even if I tried to stay a little active with contraction/breathing exercises, I had to fight to stay awake. It is somewhat of a comfort to realize I'm comfortable enough with the massager to sleep with it, though I'm not particularly interested in spending an entire night with it. Maybe I can try this, but I'd heeded the warnings of some and will avoid it for now.

Uncertain progress:
Starting from around my fourth (of eight) session, I tended to feel a sensation in or around my penis. I suppose it is the common 'need to urinate' sensation, though it's rather weak so I can't be absolutely certain. Regardless, this sensation tends to stay through most if not all of the sessions it occurs.

As I've stated before, I often feel nothing from the massager other than the parts near the anal muscles and the tab. However, I think I might be developing a very minor sensitivity to the device. With some contractions I do feel something that feels somewhat like the head or another part of the massager. Whether this is being felt on the prostate or elsewhere is difficult to tell because the feeling is very minor and difficult to accurately identify.

That is about all I can really think to say for now. I will continue my daily sessions and post again if I encounter anything interesting. If not, I'll post my general thoughts again next Sunday.

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  1. benjam-

    nice post. i understand about the forum. it is very hard to explain why some guys take right off, and others struggle. i am a struggler. it wasn't till the Peridise that i made real progress w/ the aneros. i think much of it has to do with being tense down there. if you feel any pleasure at all, even the slightest twinge, even just from touching your non-penis self, then relax and let the pleasure linger. that is a p-wave, and you are coaxing an interaction between them and your pelvic musculature.

    so, goal: find a way to give yourself a p-wave, even without the aneros inside. by breathing erotically (search youtube for "tantric breathing"), by massaging your perineum, by playing with your nipples, by contracting your hole while you breath rhythmically and erotically, by sexy dancing in front of a mirror. anything. once you can do that, then have a session where you relax and love yourself, and allow a p-wave to come.


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