Best yet

I had the best session yet tonight. I have the house to myself. I prepared and ate my supper in the nude (turned up the thermostat first), and went upstairs, squirted some lube in myself, lubed up the helix, and in she went. Layed about five minutes and then started rocking my hips gently while laying on my side. Within three or four minutes, I started having O's, and they got stronger and stronger, one after the other. I found I could control this somewhat by fantasizing about my wife or another woman, alternating between them, and as I did, another wave would overtake me. Totally cool. The intensity varied — some were subtle, some were really strong, some were toe-curling. Then I flopped on my back and thought that I might break the streak, but pretty soon — same thing — lots of O's, and I found I didn't even have to fantasize sometimes. After about 45 minutes, I lubed up Mr. P, and finished off with a nice cum. Absolutely incredible!