Two weeks without the Aneros

For the first time since buying the Aneros 5 ½ months ago I have gone for two weeks without using it. That’s what visiting the in-laws over the holidays can do to a person. I did use the Peridise once, but it was not a solo session and it will have to be a separate entry!

The fun thing was that I got to do a lot of Anerosless exercises – something I haven’t gotten a chance to do before. Kind of Male Deer external massaging, contractions and deep rhythmic breathing. Chasing pleasure echo’s as it were.

It’s funny, because you can wake the little walnut up in the morning and he wants to play all day. I can make it feel really good but I can only produce very intermittent involuntaries. Still, it gives you something to do between holiday meals while you’re watching football and making pleasant conversation with Aunt so and so.

Ordered myself a Progasm. I’ll bet that’ll be worth a blog entry by the end of next week. I had to make a decision between that and the MGX. I like the description of mobility and aggressive P-Tab for the MGX (I don’t consider the Helix tab to be all that aggressive). I had to go with the K-Tab and the ball style P-Tab in the end. I’m just not quite sure I will appreciate the size of the Progasm. Ah, the sweet sensation of fear and anticipation. We will have to see if I am qualified as an “Advanced User” yet or not. You can only read so much before you have to take action one way or the other.


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