Flomax for BPH

A good friend of mine recently told me he just started using Flomax. I sat there and just stared at him and I thought about my similar situation which brought me here. I asked him if he had ever had a doctor perform a prostate massage to releave BPH symptoms. I told him that there are natural remedies. At that point his wife walked in and the discussion stopped. WOW, this is a great guy and I hate to see him taking this stuff. The side effects are worse than the cure. I would like to introduce him to this but being a guy in our society as it is I'm not real comfortable doing so. Maybe I'll just send him a link to this web site. How do you tell someone…..here, stick this up your ass and throw your flomax away!!


  1. If you can't bring yourself to tell your friend of your experience just make up a white lie and say you were browsing the internet and came upon an article which may be of benefit to his condition. You never know he may thank you on two counts.

  2. Tell him that your doctor recommended the Aneros. You took his advice and have had wonderful results.

  3. Hi LivingLarge, 🙂

    Send him the link to the High Island web site since it is based purely on the health aspect, rather than the pleasure aspect here at Aneros.


    This may be more palatable to someone not familiar with anal penetration/play. And may be easier for you to communicate with him about it if you just talk about the health reasons for using it.


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